Blog Intro and Key

Intrepid Pup Wag-A-Meter
Welcome to the Intrepid Pup blog, where adventures await!

The Intrepid Pup blog blends imagery and narrative to promote lifelong learning and an active lifestyle with one’s pet by chronicling Tavish the vizsla’s adventures at national parks, natural wonders, museums, historical sites, events and attractions throughout the country. From time to time, blog entries also reflect upon Tavish’s rewarding experiences as an AKC-certified therapy dog working with children and the elderly in a variety of settings.

It’s pure enjoyment:  part wonderment, part discovery, and all about being out and about in the world with one intrepid pup.

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Navigating the Blog: Things to Spot

To get the most out of the Intrepid Pup blog, keep an eye out for:

Great Photographs
One or more photos of the Intrepid Pup in action appear in every posting!

“Dogging the Details”
This section accompanies any blog post about a specific landmark or cultural attraction and will contain any/all of the following:

  • the geographic location in latitude and longitude
  • a referring link to the place’s official website, where you can explore more
  • tips & tricks about this location—including any special gear Team Tavish brought along—should you want to replicate the visit on your own

Intrepid Pup Wag-A-Meter
People meeting Tavish for the first time often notice that his tail always seems to be wagging, and it invariably elicits a comment like, “Wouldn’t it be great if you could somehow harness all that energy?” That’s where the Intrepid Pup Wag-A-Meter comes in. For every blog post about a physical location or event, look for this handy, Tavish tail-powered gauge to give you a little more insight. Since each of Tavish’s exploits is inherently fun and intrepid on some level, this is more about how unique or complicated it’ll be to get that tail wagging. Here’s how to interpret the Wag-A-Meter’s readings, from 1 to 3.

  • “1” on the Wag-A-Meter is for an expedition not requiring too much advance planning or special gear. An example would be a visit and photo at a monument, statue or memorial.
  • “2” on the Wag-A-Meter is a little less common and denotes an adventure that calls for a bit more preparation and effort (i.e. a mountain hike), involves something specifically dog-friendly, or provides a bonus for the canine-enthusiast. Examples are the fact that George Washington’s Mount Vernon Estate & Gardens’ annual pass holders are allowed to walk their leashed dogs on the grounds and that visitors to Hillwood Estate, Museum & Gardens will discover heiress Marjorie Merriweather Post’s memorials to the many dogs she owned during her lifetime.
  • “3” on the Wag-A-Meter is used sparingly and is reserved for special activities that either necessitate planning ahead or are simply a matter of fortuitously being in the right place at the right time. “3’s” also tend to go beyond the normal fun factor for both dog and owner. An example would be attending a Washington Nationals major league baseball game with your dog during the franchise’s  “Pups in the Park” event.

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