What is the significance of the Intrepid Pup logo?

logoThe Intrepid Pup logo includes an actual silhouette of Tavish…it’s not some generic stock photo or piece of clip art! In the logo, he’s standing atop a vantage point that can be interpreted both as mountain vista (for his love of the outdoors) and as a picture frame (for his travel and photoblogging activities).

What kind of dog is Tavish, and where can I get one like him?

Tavish is a purebred Hungarian vizsla. You can read more about the breed on the American Kennel Club’s website. If you want to welcome any dog into your life, do your research on the various breeds, learn what to expect, and be aware of the responsibilities.  If you’ve determined that a vizsla is right for you, please work with a reputable breeder or consider fostering/adopting through an established vizsla rescue organization.

Why is Tavish wearing a leash in so many of the photos?

It’s true:  Even when it might detract from a photo’s composition, Tavish is usually photographed wearing a leash.  Why?  In no particular order:

  • Many of the venues have posted leash laws. Tavish may be intrepid, but he’s also law-abiding.
  • Precaution will always trump aesthetics. The Intrepid Pup is a vizsla.  Not to generalize, but as a breed, that means he’s fast, observant, doesn’t miss a trick…but can be distracted. Team Tavish isn’t worried so much about the Intrepid Pup pulling a disappearing act, but in visiting some urban locales or sites with high traffic volume (vehicle or pedestrian!) and sudden noises, safety is paramount. Team Tavish also recognizes that not everyone is a dog lover, and the visual cue of a dog on leash tends to be more reassuring in terms of the casual encounter.

 How is it that Tavish poses so nicely?

Tavish has always had an uncanny knack for sensing a camera and striking a pose. Combined with his basic obedience training and the motivation of some tasty treat (e.g. will work for food!), it usually makes for a pretty laid back and relatively quick photo shoot.  Even so, for every memorable photo you see on this site, trust us, there are dozens more that didn’t cut it.  Someday, we’ll blog some outtakes.